The RUAN water chiller is  a compact, high capacity, water Chiller with corrosion proof materials in the water circuit, piped and wired, ready for connection to the process.


  • Danfoss France make Fully Hermetic Compressor . It is with crankcase heater to avoid cooling agent accumulation in the crankcase sump. This feature protects compressor failure due to liquid accumulation. Copeland USA Scrolls. This are patented compressors giving the least power consumption as stated in the technical specs.

  • Over load protection by an MPRD 2 for the compressor as well as phase reversal safe-guard.

  • High volume, high pressure pump. It is with mechanical seal for long life & no leakage. High volume, high pressure provides faster cooling to give better cycle times. The pump is capable of working 24 hour a day throughout the year. No need for second pump.

  • Compressor as well as Pump motor has an over load protection.

  • Level Control provided to give dry-running protection to the pump. As soon as the level goes below a point, the Programmable Logic Controller will trip the chiller saving the evaporator, the compressor & the pump.

  • Automatic re-feeding solenoid valve provided. As soon as the level goes below the point, the solenoid valve gets ON to re-feed the tank from the reservoir.

  • Large stainless steel well insulated tank to save power due to no heat transfer from tank.

  • Large size, stainless steel Plate type heat exchanger.It is 98% efficient. No corrosion due to stainless steel 316 plates.

  • Large sized stainless steel Plate type heat exchanger as a condenser for bringing down the condensation temperatures which no Air Cooled & Water Cooled systems are able to do.

  • Danfoss Inspection sight glass with moisture indication which shows the status of freon gas in circuit.

  • Filter Drier of ALCO/Danfoss make to ensure the system remains dry.

  • High and low pressure ALCO make (USA) switches to safe guard the compressor and the refrigerant system.

  • Switch cabinet accommodating all necessary switches and power control components, contactors are of GE (General Electric) make.

  • The chiller is equipped with Siemens/Schneider PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). It has all interlocks.

  • All faults have visual large LED indications with hooter.

  • Johnson / Honeywell (USA) make Flow Monitor in return line from Consumer. This equipment senses the flow from mould and will trip the chiller as soon as flow is stopped due to blockage in mould or if the pipes have got disconnected in the mould.

  • Anti-freeze protection. The only chiller equipped  with electronic anti-freeze protection which saves the evaporator in case of freezing due to less water flow or scaling.

  • All the material used in water line is corrosion proof (S.S.).

  • Stainless Steel By pass system with 3 Stainless Steel ball valves provided to precisely monitor the fl;ow to the consumer giving greater dimensional as well as better surface finish of articles.

  • The only chiller with both time and temperature (adjustable) control delay for the compressor. This is the most precise software which saves the compressor from unnecessary starts and stops in turn imparting longer life to the compressor. No other chiller manufacturer can give this preciseness.

  • The chiller is equipped with wear rotation innovative software. This enchances the life of the compressors as in Tandem / Trio circuiting, the ON / OFF cycle of the compressors is rotated. No microprocessor card can match this flawless programming of a PLC.

  • The switching cabinet is equipped with Over & Under Voltage as well as Single /Reverse phasing safeguards.

  • PT-100 Thermocouple. The most precise and fast acting thermocouples available.

  • Flow control for Condenser Water Fault (OPTIONAL). This is yet another first where in, if there is no flow of water from the cooling tower, the chilling plant will not start. It will give a continuous fault to safeguard the condenser from unnecessary high pressure tripping.


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